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flags toggle

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2002 2:35 am
by michaelh20
Not to beat a dead horse, but I'd thought I'd post this over here too. If you could somehow dim the flags, a way to turn them off wouldn't be needed.

This allows you to toggle the display of flags off and on both the radar and on screen. With this, 2 new mappable keys are added Toggle Main Flags and Toggle Radar Flags which I think I setup as default H & J. This is handy when you play with maps with too many flags on them. You can grab your flag and then turn all the flags off and not be distracted by them.

I also posted a patch on but I'm not sure my files were diffed against the right files remotely -- if someone else with a better setup would like to do a real diff, go ahead.

What's the URL for the unix utils thing again? The search thingee is down...

There's a commented out section which hardcodes the two keys to 'g' and 'G' which is what I like. Anyone know why they didn't allow you to map to lower case letters? Confusion perhaps? Don't want to confuse CAPS LOCK IS ON people?

Full Source Code ...

Just the windows bzflag.exe --- NOT the installer ... Toggle.exe

You should be able to just dump the .exe file in your Bzflag dir and run it if you have windows... this should be a 1.7g0 version that you dump it into, doesn't work otherwise I guess.

Either that or compile the whole thing..[/url]