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Hello everyone!

Similar to the thread for Planet MoFo updates, I'll be claiming this thread as a central place to post announcements regarding my servers. For the first announcement, I have a few things I'd like to cover.

Introduction of "Family Friendly" servers

I have a rather lax policy when comes to the administration of my servers but with the introduction of "family friendly" servers, I'd like to reintroduce an environment that is friendly for the whole family to play on without being concerned about offensive topics or language. What does this mean? These servers will have language filters and will prevent any messages caught in the filter from being sent to any chat (public, team, or private); purposely bypassing the language filter will result in punitive action. So what language is allowed? As a general policy, if you don't want a preschooler repeating what you said at that one family party, then it's a good idea to keep it yourself.

The following servers are currently marked as "Family Friendly"

  • Missile Wars 2.3
  • Urban Jungle
  • Badgerking

Discussing politics and religion

It's strictly prohibited. Everyone will have a different opinion and I host servers for players to have fun, not to introduce another medium for you to vent your political or religious beliefs. If you'd like to discuss these things, you may do so only via PM provided both parties consent and it is not automatically filtered out. Any callsigns religious or political in nature are disallowed; you will be asked to change your callsign. Even if your callsign is registered on the forums, if it is political or religious in nature, it will not be allowed.

Saving scores

Lastly, something that's not related to policy or rules on my servers. Your scores will be saved for 2 minutes after you leave to allow you rejoin and change teams to keep CTF or FFA matches fair! This does not mean you will be able to idle in observer to save your score. You have 2 minutes since the time you leave a non-observer team.

* This feature will be deployed on a server by server basis in the coming week to ensure everything is working correctly.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post about it here (provided it doesn't cause this thread to be locked) or PM me directly. If you'd like to report bugs or issues on the servers, feel free to post about it here or PM me directly.

Thank you for flying with BZFlag!
I hang out in #bzflag on Freenode, so find me there or send me a message here.
Here's my personal website and my open source projects are available on GitHub; I work on a lot of cool things.
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