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Re: Apocalypse In Action :: Planet MoFo

Postby lkjhg » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:04 pm

Interesting idea. I would like to add:
1. Need to make external difference between bots and people like radar and real.
2. For each bot needs to randomly generate a ping (in normal range). It is necessary that it was difficult to shoot in each of them.
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Re: Apocalypse In Action :: Planet MoFo

Postby noobTastic » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:43 pm

Plugin Idea? Make handicap score ranges? Just for conceptualizing.. not necessarily the ranges...

Scores of 300+, your tank/shots move very slow
scores of 51 to 299 tank/ shots move slower
Scores of -25 to 50, normal tank/ shots
Scores of -50, shots travel faster


Kill Streak of 25+ your tank/shots move very slow
Kill Streak of 15 to 24 tank/ shots move slower
Kill Streak of 0 to 14 normal tank/ shots
Death Streak of 10 to 0 fast tank/shots
Death Streak of more than 10 super fast tank!

I have no idea how to make a plugin, nor if this is possible.

One thing for certain is that spawn killing is effin rough right now. I get frustrated when it happens to me, and yet, I'll do it when I can :?
Also, it's complained a lot about in game, but I like it. The fancy jump from the base column to top of base for flag capping.... Lotta people hate it, those capable love it.
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Re: Apocalypse In Action :: Planet MoFo

Postby Zehra » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:21 am

Hi all,

On thing I've noticed is that some players complain about camping and a few minor things.

So a few ideas might be able to make it nicer.
1. 5 second delay for unfair teams to take effect.
(Srsly it's annoying when someone leaves just before you cap and you get a penalty for an "unfair" flag capture.)
2. Shot limits to certain super flags when teams are srsly uneven.
(Camping is fine, but when it's 2vs5 and 2 players have laser and one has gm on the larger team... it becomes impossible to play and some players rage quit.)
3. Unfair cap alert.
(Like if a player leaves and you're 1 second away from capping it will give an alert and give some time to prevent players from making an unfair capture.)

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