Miss the SilverCat Maps? Play them at CBG's!

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Miss the SilverCat Maps? Play them at CBG's!

Post by Tropican8 » Sat Mar 31, 2007 6:05 am

Because Silvercat has shut down their servers, CBG has stepped up to the plate and is now hosting all of their major maps.

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of these servers, as his post in the "Silvercat is Retired thread" seemed like it got lost.

This is by no means a comprehensive post, and because I am not acting on behalf of CBG, I am not posting in the format Server Operators usually use to describe their servers. Expect CBG to make an official announcement in the days to come regarding his plans for these servers

They are currently being run under the moniker "Old Fashioned Fun".

cbg.bzflag.org is currently hosting the following games:

4701 - Babel's Grassroots Map
4702 - Overlord CTF
4703 - Overlord FFA
4704 - Pillbox

They are on the serverlist, don't worry.

Please post any questions, comments, and complaints here for the time being. CBG has been notified of this post and checks bzbb regularly.

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