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Need some help

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 2:03 am
by dS
I've been seeing a few different IPs hitting my server just to gather information. I keep taking it up and down while deciding whether to keep it online because of this. I'd like to, but I have a fundamental problem with the possibility that someone is harvesting player information just to see who is on and what IP they used.

So I'm asking here for a list of valid IPs (PM me please) that may be gathering information for stats only. Not for any "clandestine" purposes please. Any other address hitting just to hit will be permanently blocked at my router. I think this is a fair way of handling this.

Also, I am looking for a few good admins. I will run two severs most of the time with a 10 or 12 player limit. Again PM me or email me at (remove dS). My philosiphy is that I stay fair, I don't mind a little language (filters in place for some words) and I know the difference between lag and cheating. One private warning, one kick and one ban, in that order. All bans reviewable by me, but trust is also important to me, so I won't interfere when not needed. If I get some regular admins I will post to this list about my server and who they are. I do have the bandwith and would like to see it utilized for everyones fun.

And by the way, I dial in as dS from at home (MadSanta is on a laptop at that other nasty place) so lagwarns are always set to 500 on my servers as I hate it when I end up kicking myself - It's happened too often.

Let me know those IPs.

aka MadSanta

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 6:30 am
by sussudio
What servers do you run, exactly? If it's hashmark by any chance, yes, that place needs admins. Spoogebob's been using it as his personal playground ever since it's been up again.