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Planet MoFo: The Week of the Rabbit Hunt!!!

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:15 am
by I_Died_Once
This is your Oficial Announcement - we started the Week of the Rabbit Hunt today! Right now, we are running it Rabbit by Killer. Later on in the week, we'll load up progressive mode, as well as short runs of Rabbit by Random and Rabbit by Score.

We'll be running The Passion of the Rabbit Hunt until Thursday evening, when we will change to the Last CTF Friday of the summer, and this time it'll be CTF Weekend. But thats another announcement to be made on another day.

Celebrate a week of BZFlags most underrated game mode! We are going to Play With Toys the rabbit UP!!! Join us as we put a hurtin' on the furry bastard! Some on our admin team have high doubts on the popularity of this, I think it's going to be off the chain. We'll let history decide! Join us as we give the Rabbit Hunt its deserved Passion on BZFlag's most versatile map and the most bad @$$ server on the list - Planet MoFo !!!

Please leave any and all feedback, comentary, praise, insults, and anything else you want to talk about. We look forward to eharing from YOU!

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:47 am
by Peter
Planet MoFo, It's a great map, I love it, but I think when you have such a popular map, a rabbit hunt where there are 15+ hunters chasing the rabbit could be a bit too difficult on the rabbit, and could be too hard for some of the BZNewbies forcing them to a different map. Other than that still great as usual. :)

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:37 am
by LouMan
I've always enjoyed rabbit hunt and I agree that it can be frustrating as a single rabbit against 15+ hunters.

I've just completed a plugin that might give that cute rabbit some additional teeth, called 'rabidrabbit'. Basically, it will set up certain areas of the map to be the rabbit's burrow - if the rabbit makes it into the designated burrow, all hunters explode (in anger, I guess). I'm going to try and test it out soon; hopefully it'll add some fun to the already amusing rabbit hunt concept.