Place for people to discuss public servers, and also for admins to lay out the details of their servers
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we are running 2 servers over at bzflag.freedomlives

as of: 12/28/2003

Old style (PRE 1.10) .....cell map 1.0 5155

New Style 1.10.2 .....cell map 2.0 5257

come on over

owner: andrew
admins: 2 soon to be 3

no alias's as we go cognito most of the time
to catch cheaters...etc..

myself.. i do show up as sid6.7
from time to time to make a good
admin presence apparent.

good clean fun for everybody..

doing my uttermost best to make jeffm2501 pop a blood vessel or cry..which ever comes first..

BZrand Random map maker 6.4 , BZchecker map validator 1.5
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