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Missile Wars2 - individual score for Flag work

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:46 pm
by peewee
One thing bothers me about missle wars 2 is that to optimize your personal score, its often best to disregard the flag. Is there some way to give passers and cappers points. I'd say that each of those activities is worth the weight of a Geno (point for every member of the other team).

It would add a new dimension to the game and reward something other than Geno-hunting.

I've occasionally fried a dozen lives moving the flag along while others do nothing. Yes, it's not all about score, but building up a negative score chasing the flag in a CTF game with no personal reward gets old, and I've just about given up on it.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:12 pm
by Winny
No, you cannot award points in 2.0 (well, sort of, but it doesn't work very well...). I believe you can in 3.0, though.