Now Has 3 Full Power Admins

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Contact: Now Has 3 Full Power Admins

Post by nn »

Hi all, Has recently fallen on hard times because of my lack of time to administrate the machine. But I am now Glad to say that this has all been fixed thanks to a New power sharing deal.

ahs3, hayougotshotbyme and nn. Are now the Full power Administraters of

So now You can gain Free SSH ACCESS to by contacting ahs3, hayougotshotbyme or me (nn).

Sorry for any inconvenience during the school season. As Administration team Expands Service should Become much more efficient.

Please contact us about any hosting needs: Maps, ssh. ....

Welcome to the new,

Coming soon ==>> A administration Email Hot line where all requests and hosting emails can be seen by all admin's to allow for Fast and Efficient Map hosting.
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Re: Now Has 3 Full Power Admins

Post by Bambino »

Ha You Got Shot By Me is now allejo..

When I got 25-30 players on my map 90% of the players had 1% packet loss and unbearable lag...
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