My "Cracked"

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My "Cracked"

Post by julesthejackal » Sun Apr 18, 2004 3:05 pm

Hi again everyone :D

I have been "experimenting" :idea: with the "/set" function in admin mode to change some of the values and give the game a different feel. I call it a "cracked server" and would like some feed back and any other info to help me with these settings. I'm using The Purple Panzer Two Fortress Map and Wizardz was kind enough to edit it for me and add 2 bases to make it a CTF map. Here are the settings that I have changed

_tankSpeed from 25.00 to 40.00 :!: (increases tank speed)
_gravity from -9.500 to -6.300 :shock: (slows down falling and gives jumps a lift!)
_jumpVelocity from 19.00 to 30.00 : 8) (your jumps are fast to take-off. Gives you higher and longer jumps)
_tankExplosionSize from 20.00 to 80.00 :lol-old: (the tanks blow up real good now!)

I leave 4 bots on at all time so players can have fun with them. I know my servers do suffer with lag issues but until I get another ISP with better service thats the best I can do.
(I'm on broadband cable 3.0megs down/396k up) They have been talking about raising the upstream cap to 512k since it is now legal to upload and download music in Canada!!!!!! (lol)

Thanks for any feedback you can give me on this

Take care Jules The Jackal :wink:

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