BZFlagMatch.jar Stats Processor

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BZFlagMatch.jar Stats Processor

Post by deliot » Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:08 pm

I have created a very simple Stats Processor for BZFlag.

Basically, it takes a log file created by BZAdmin, parses it, and converts it into a table based HTML page. XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.

It shows team score by color, individual score, and individual "player vs. player" results. Tables are sorted by Strength Index.

This would be of use to anybody that wants to analyze matches on a LAN, or analyze individual matches, or a group of matches just for interest. Multiple log files could be combined by hand, and results for a series of matches could be combined. Basically, whatever is in bzflag.log is processed.

A sample HTML page, and a very short Readme.txt are included.

Looking for comments and issues if anybody finds any. Not sure if this is useful to anybody but me.

BZFlagMatch.jar instructions:

Assumes: BZAdmin is installed and creates a log file during the entire match.
Assumes: Java 5 or Java 6 is installed and running on your system.

(1) Run BZAdmin before players join (if you want stats by team color).
(2) Allow BZAdmin to track the entire game, or whatever part of the game necessary.
(3) Rename the log file created by BZAdmin as "bzflag.log"
(4) Place "bzflag.log" in same folder as BZFlagMatch.jar
(5) Double-Click BZFlagMatch.jar or however your system "runs" Java executables.
(6) An HTML page will be created with match results named, "BZFlag_game_results.html"
BZFlagMatch.jar does game stats based on the contents of a BZAdmin log file. It puts out an HTML page of the results.
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