Server: * 5154-5160 & 59998 Germany

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Server: * 5154-5160 & 59998 Germany

Post by Pimpinella » Fri Jun 04, 2004 9:32 am

This belongs to all servers within domain, exept, just follow the link to get a description.

Server admins:

Alice in BZLand

Server setup:

1vs1 & 1vs1-300
no flags, no jumping
2 shots
one of green and red, 10 observers
worldsize is 250 for 1vs1 and 300 for 1vs1-300

the game ends when one player got killed 10 times

since this gamestyle is not included in the official distribution and i'm still working on the feature you'll just have to email me if you want the patch.

-density 5 -printscore -lifes 10
-ms 2 -h +r -mp 0,1,1,0,0,10
-worldsize 250
// only for 1vs1

is a private (not listed) ducati-style server for training and matches for ctf-league.

-density 4 -ms 2 -cr -tk -h +r -mp 0,3,3,0,0,5
-time 1800 -timemanual

is a server running version 1.11.2 of bzflag, so u cant play with a 1.10 client.
Its a ducati-style game with the newly invented -handicap option. Since there is still a bug with -handicap you'll get kicked of speed very soon ;)

Server policies:

no swearing, no cheating, no tk'ing
make the game fun for everybody ;)

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