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Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:13 pm
by Cruel dog
Hello everyone!

I see a few posts about people wanting to know about BZ Server Hosting.. So here we go, I officially post our services!

We host BZFlag servers for free for people. (2.4.1).
If you can't figure how or can't host your server? No problem!
Check out our site at and you can order a server! :)

We have some small requirements that you must follow, like having a real map and not a randomly generated one, must not be masterbanned, you must be mature enough to administrate a server, etc.
We are run by professional IT people (I am a Ceritfied Computer Technician and allejo is a developer) and our server is on Ubuntu Linux.

We have been around in BZFlag for over 5 years, so we're used to the game and how servers work & confs.
We are monitored by the most known / trusted admins in the community, and we have dedicated tech support.