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Pro Flag : Progressive Flag Mode 2.0

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:08 pm
by optic delusion
We are very pleased to announce PROgressive FLAG Passion is coming out of it's testing phase today.
Pro Flag Server Plugin by Zehra.

Right now I'm using it with the old Passion map, but I have a map in development specifically designed for this plugin.
Game play a significant change from anything that's come before, I'll get right into that right away.

You have to earn your flag by making kills.
Tank spawns are random, and there are some random flags on the ground. You can pick up those flags.
There are 16 small bunches of flags. You can NOT pick up those flags. You must climb the ladder to earn them.
Make a kill, and now you can go to a flag bunch to grab an Invisible Bullet flag.
Another kill will allow you to grab an Oscillation Overthruster flag.
Each new kill allows you to climb the ladder to better flags. Narrow, High Speed, Tiny, Shockwave, Stealth, Laser, Missile, and Wings.
When you die, you drop three rungs on the ladder. If above the 8th rung, you will be dropped to the fifth rung. There are no rungs below zero.
That's all you need to know, get out there and break some tanks into pieces!

Here's some details. They are sure to change.
I am including a randomly placed thief flag. When your flag is stolen you have not dropped any rungs, you can go back to get your flag again.

When you pick up a pro flag, It's actually a range of kills that determines your level.For example, Tiny is available to you if you have between 5 and 7 kills, and Shockwave is available between 6 and 9 kills. So if you go to a bunch with 6 or 7 kills, you could get either Tiny or Shockwave.

More to come.

Re: Pro Flag : Progressive Flag Mode 2.0

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:58 pm
by Green Manalishi
so this is kind of like the reverse of "New Gun-Games at Planet-MoFo Passion", where you started with the best flag and could only win with a trigger-unhappy sr. that was suw33t fun, i'm sure this will be too.

Re: Pro Flag : Progressive Flag Mode 2.0

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:49 pm
by tainn
Seems like an interesting concept to give the general gameplay a bit of a spin; looking forward to trying it out.

Re: Pro Flag : Progressive Flag Mode 2.0

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:34 pm
by optic delusion
The reason Gun-Game disappeared was a huge and insurmountable bug. We we using a technique of "Flag Zapping" where first we would take away the flag you had, and then zap the new flag to you. Because of packet loss, sometimes a flag would fail to reach the tank it was sent to. This would be extremely frustrating when you get to level 8 and suddenly you have no flag at all. I figured it happened about one out of 50 zaps, which meant with eight players there would constantly be someone complaining about their missing flag.

Twelve years have passed since the first progressive flag mode.
I was working on another concept called "Neutral Zone" and suddenly I realized how to fix Pro Flags. Instead of zapping flags, you let the players go get the flags, and they have to drop the old flag too. All you have to do is prohibit them from picking up the ones they are not supposed to have.

The current system won't work with Gun Game. We don't take away the stronger flag, meaning players would just keep the flag they started with. ...But i think we "could" do that.

Re: Pro Flag : Progressive Flag Mode 2.0

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:20 am
by Green Manalishi
sounds good. when you are going for your better flag, i assume you'll have an idea as to where that bunch is situated.