Place for people to discuss public servers, and also for admins to lay out the details of their servers
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Post by ping » Sun Jan 02, 2005 12:03 am

SERVER ADMINS: ping - (others to be added)

SERVER OS: Linux Fedora on 1.5/1.0 mbit connection

FLAGS: A, B, CL, F, G, GM, ID, L, MG, N, OO, SH, SW, SR, ST, SB, T, CB, <-, ->, WA

SHOTS: 5 shot, ricochet on, G, GM, L, and SB flags shot limited.

PLAYERS: 2 teams (red vs blue) 10 red / 10 blue / 5 observer

The rules are fairly simple. A person may/will be kicked and eventually banned from the server for violating the following:
1. No bad language. You do not know if your opponent is an adult or a young child. Appropriate language should be used at all times.
2. No cheating. Anyone caught using a cheat within the game will be immediately banned from the server. You may dispute this ban via email to
3. No team killing. Everyone will team kill (TK) from time to time. It is proper etiquette that you apologise and continue playing. At no time should you deliberately TK. Doing so is grounds to kick you from the server. Continued abuse may call for a short ban period and eventual permanent ban. One exception to this rule is if a player is knowingly or unknowingly taking your flag to the enemy. In excessive cases it is proper that a team may vote to kick this player.
4. No excessive rejoining. This one is fairly obvious and will be enterpreted by those that police the server. As you join the game you are added to the team with the fewest number of players. Please play on this team and do you best to make it a winning team.
5. No dorks Those that police this server reserve the right to kick or ban anyone that is acting in a manner which detracts from the enjoyable gameplay of others. In other words... Don't be a dork.

All are welcome. Hosted by The Knights of Valor gaming clan. A bunch of old farts that have been gaming since there was such a thing.

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