Server: SHeLL SHoCK PLaZA 5155

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Server: SHeLL SHoCK PLaZA 5155

Post by Dutchrai » Tue Jan 21, 2003 4:18 pm

Dutchrai (email: and a few others.

Map: Pitfalls
Play Style: FFA (Free-For-All)
Shots: 3
Ricochet: enabled
Jumping: enabled
Players: 5 (1 rogue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue and 1 purple)
Observers: 0
Good Flags: GM( 5 ) ID( 5 ) L( 1 ) OO( 5 ) SB( 1 ) ST( 5 ) and 2 of all the others (minus bogus flags G, JP and R)
Bad Flags: 1 of each, but no CB
Random Flags: 5
Idle kick: 1800s (30min)
Lag kick threshold: 600ms
Lag warnings before kick: 3

No cheating
No bad language
No bad behaviour
No bad callsigns
If you don't quite understand this; it basically means Gentlemen and Ladies only (or kids behaving as such) :mrgreen:
Any players breaking these rules will be awarded a free permanent ban and the IP address will be generously shared with the administrators of all major servers.

Singapore on a 1500Kbps downstream and 400Kbps upstream cable.
US and European players be warned that the distance to Asia will bring along a 250ms to 500ms lag depending on the time of day. This server is paradise for Asian players though.

Since I have to share my PC I cannot run the server 24/7, but I'll have it up as much as possible.
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