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Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:44 pm
by JeffM
If you have been banned. Please read this before you post ANYTHING.

1) Servers are run by private operators. Neither this board nor the BZFlag project holds any sway over them or how they run their servers.

2) Server operators can ban you for any reason they want. It's their bandwidth and the servers run on their computers. You chose to play there, not the other way around.

3) Sometimes people get banned by accident. Often to keep a real cheater out, more than one address has to be banned. You may fall into the same range as that user.

4) No amount of public posting will get you unbanned, the admins of this board can NOT unban you. Bans on servers have NOTHING to do with us. Bans are between YOU and the SERVER, and must be discussed privately.

The first step in getting unbanned is to talk to the admin or operator of the server that banned you. A large number of times, the ban is for a range of addresses and they didn't mean to ban YOU personally. Server operators can give you what is called an "exception" and let you in.

IF you really were doing what they banned you for, then you are most likely out of luck. You should not have been doing that. If it was a misunderstanding, then try to talk it out with the server op in private and let them know that you now understand the rules on that server.

What you should not do is post a general post saying "i got baned.. help me". That is not what this forum is for. Noone here other than the server ops or admins can help you. The ban will always say who banned you. That user almost always has the same name here, so just use the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" feature of the board to talk to them.


Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:43 pm
by Zehra
To clarify things and clear up any confusion players may have.
Since BZFlag 2.4.14 "Hello Motto" (2018-05-02) and above, the person who one was banned by, is no longer displayed within the ban message.
(Only servers from 2.4.12 and before will display the username of the person who provided the ban.)

For those who wonder of whom to contact, if they have been caught in a ban, the owner should generally be contacted.

If the owner is unknown, Strayer's BZStats may be used to locate them.
If this does not help, asking on the public forums or within game for information on the owner of a server may help.

A map name or domain name will generally allow others who know of the owner to provide details.
(Example: "Who is the owner of servers?" or "Who hosts the 'MineField Wars by User'?")