Bzfs framework for unices

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Bzfs framework for unices

Post by sbgodin » Tue Aug 30, 2005 7:56 pm

Hello everybody :-)

I've been using scripts to manage bzfs since the very start. I think that there are nice features you could use. Take everything you want amoung all the scripts.

Files :
Archive : ... 05.tar.bz2

Features :
- help : building help files using all the files in a directory
- keepalive : launch bzfs again if the server was rebooted and you only have a simple user account. Use user crontab.
- reporting : fill-in a file using only one line per report for an easy filtering. Send emails to whom you want.
- flag reset : hourly flag reset with a message
- run/stop : single commands which re-run if the server were running.
- players IP : a command which sorts players and their IP. Useful to know which IP has a player or which player has such IP.
- password : random password generated at each start. Can be used by your deamon as it's updated in a file.
- : centralized params and functions.

Use this at your own risk. Such scripts cannot be used immediatly : you have to configure some vars first. All comment will be appreciated.

To do :
- allow multi server
- installer script, debian package
- improve regexp for IP filtering
- finding other todos...
Christophe HENRY - France

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