Posting of "cheater" IPs in this fourm (important)

Place for people to discuss public servers, and also for admins to lay out the details of their servers
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wow, you guys still think this is some big list of magic bans that you all have to follow. That is NOT what it is for the last time.

Tropican8, you arnt' realy using global login for anything other then easy group managment, you arn't limiting anything for non reg. This is the level of commitement to global reg I am looking for.

Basicly we want people who are ACTIVE in the global reg system, not people who just use part of it. It was desgigned for more then just groups for admins or "cops"

The rest of you, I realy disturbs me that you seem to just want a big list of people to blindly ban. This reason alone is reason to not include you. You should be aware of everyone you ban, and why. It's the same problem with the 100 or so poorly admined "little" servers. The ones the cheaters use. There admins don't take the time to care about them. On your server, you get out what you put in.

The ammount of discussion on this means I'll have to re-think the idea and possibly just remove it. People have asked for it in the past, and now I'm not sure if the comunity is ready or stable enough for a multi-tierd system. Seems people get upset if they can't be part of the "club".

It is not our job to provide you with lists of people to exclude from the game. That is your job to decide if you don't want somone to play on your computer. This endevor is trying to provide a place for people to responsibly discuss issues with global logins and the people that use them. Not a place to decide who can and can not play the game. Get that thru your heads.

I'm guessing I'll just remove it and everyone can take care of there own bans then. These forums are not a repository for "bad" IPs.