Moving around after Death

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Moving around after Death

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Today I was on planet mofo, and was playing for a good 30 minutes, until I came across something strange. I was shot, and "died" normally (flew up into the air, had the 'cracked' screen), but when my tank came down, it kept moving forward and to the left. I couldn't control it, but I could still jump. No one could see me, and I had to rejoin to be able to spawn again.

Any ideas why this happened? I didn't touch the keys or the mouse until I hit the ground.

EDIT: This was in 2.0.8. I'll update to 2.0.10 tomorrow when I have time.
Me moving around after after death.
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I had that same problem at this kill the man in wings server... I'm not sure what it is... except I had the option of starting again and I could control where I went... so bassicly I was playing and roaming at the same time
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oooOOOooo.. I want your clients :lol-old:
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