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missing flags

Posted: Fri May 07, 2004 12:27 am
by sid6.7
i dont know if this is a BZ issue or a usage issue
a number of servers are now running a hourly
or some type of /flag reset maintenance on thier batch file or whatever linux or MacOS
does for running a scheduled program...

some of the batches use a "selective" /flag reset
to prevent camping i assume..

after a few days a number of flags are missing from the
map..they no longer show up for use on a particular
server GM SW ST L CL GENO end up missing........
and no longer even drop randomly onto the map....

if a person resets the server once a day its not a probalem
or once every few days..then all these missing flags

is this a BZ bug? or is it a maintenance(usage) issue?
is there a correction for it either way?