I'm not dying!

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I'm not dying!

Post by straightshooter »

Hello all,

I was playing on a map (quickshot map of purple panzer, but i think thats not necessary) and I got shot by a a tank, and I died. And as it is usual, the break appeared on my screen.
BUT there was no blinking sign "Press 'i' or Right-Mouse to spawn" or something like that.
AND I drove along the map, and the buildings were obstacles for my tank (not as usual, when u die!!).
AND I could jump, although i were dead. :D

I believe I were driving in the "zombie-mode".

I made some screenshots.

(255.63 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(281.54 KiB) Not downloaded yet
You see me driving in the corner, because I couldn't steer the tank with my mouse.
(356.81 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: I'm not dying!

Post by Yrogirg »

I had this ones. You should feel lucky to catch such a rare bug :-)
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Re: I'm not dying!

Post by mr64bit »

Had that happen too, can't remember if it was in 2.0.16 of 2.4.0. I've always Alt-F4d and restarted.
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