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Post by urbanracer34 »

Hi Everyone.

I have recently been having a problem with one of my favorite games; Obviously it's this one, BZFLAG.

I have been running into repeated crashes on my 10.8.2 Mac systems. One is a Late 2008 MBP, decked out with top amounts of RAM and hard disk space for its age.

It doesn't matter what I do in game, when connected to a server (usually Apocalypse by Planet MOFO), it will eventually crash. It never crashes if I'm offline manipulating settings, it always crashes when I'm connected to a server and playing on it/sending and receiving in-game data.

I have had over 30 crashes happen and I probably can pry out logs for most of them.

I have Isolated the crashes to the mountain lion update, 10.8.2. It only appears on this version of Mac OS X.

This problem never came up in Lion (10.7) I have updated a Lion iMac (Early 2008) to Mountain Lion that NEVER crashed with BZFLAG as a test. With Lion, it never crashed, of if it did, very rarely; Mountain lion? crashed in 5 minutes OR LESS.

The BZFLAG client version, also matters greatly. I have only observed the above crashes with clients 2.4.1 and 2.4.2, as those are the ones I tested.

Hope it helps,

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Post by JeffM »

Mofo has been having problems lately with various plugins/world geometry that is causing systems to crash.

We are trying to look into it with them but it has been difficult to reproduce as need. They are also looking into what plugins/maps may be causing it.

Until it's resolved you should consider the mofo server to be "experimental" and that these crashes may continue to happen.
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Post by FiringSquad »

It's not just 10.8 either. I've had a few crashes there to on various versions on OS X.
I posted info about early crashes here, but the crashes did not seem to be very consistent so I stopped reporting them.
It looked like the crash was happening after it tripped up on some debris rather than anything which was currently running, so the crashlogs might not have been useful in tracking down the problem.
The fact that you crash so regularly though, might be useful to developers in tracking down the problem. Perhaps someone could provide you with a version linked to debug libraries that could provide more useful information from the crash.
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