Observer mode bug 1.10.6

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Observer mode bug 1.10.6

Post by toaster » Tue Oct 05, 2004 6:07 pm

Don't know if this carries over to 1.12, so here goes:

When you're in observer mode and "driving" with a player - if player signs off:

Your observer mode display now reads "roaming" at the top.
You cannot switch (F8) to other roaming/tracking modes.
You must first F6/F7 to cycle to another player.

Obviously, you can work around it, but only if there was more than one player in the map. Otherwise, you have no one to cycle to, and you're stuck viewing the ground where the player was when he/she signed out.
"So there I was, all alone, facing all of the enemy. I started driving in circles, until I had them surrounded, and then I escaped in the confusion."

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