Win32's freeze kernel - setup program disappears

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Win32's freeze kernel - setup program disappears

Post by someguy » Fri May 06, 2005 7:12 pm

I downloaded the Win32's through sourceforge (Germany location) and after I downloaded to the desktop I double clicked to set up the program. I got a Kernel32 error (I'm running Win98) and I tried to delete the program but I didn't see anything happen. After I rebooted the setup program was gone.

There was a Bzflag folder in my program files with a program file of zero size inside it. I deleted that too but wonder what became of the setup program.

Should I be worrying about viruses?

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Re: Win32's freeze kernel - setup program disappears

Post by Dervish » Sat May 07, 2005 6:39 am

someguy wrote:...(I'm running Win98)...
Although this in itself isn't the problem, this is a soruce of many problems and security holes that lead to other problems, etc., etc. Any way you can get a Linux, BSD, or Win2k/XP O/S?

Some error messages or more accurate logs of your problem would help ppl here troubleshoot a little more. But yes, from the info you provided, it sounds like you have system corruption or malware/viruses on your system. Try downloading AVG Free (
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