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Server Can't Connect

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 8:42 pm
by anarchogeek
This is really starting to bug me. On FC3, I am unable to run self-compiled versions of BZFlag. When I do, it can't connect to the list servers. Reportedly, the gethostbyname() function no longer works with the latest glibc libraries. Naturally, the RPM's work fine.

The issues began when I did an system update, which further reinforces this. To be more specific, they began with the first compilation I did after the first system update. From other threads, I gather that gethostbyname2_r() is the more effective function, and a semi-operation patch does exist for 2.0.2 which replaces the broken function. It doesn't fix the message of the day, though. :P QQQ posted the 2.0.2 patch.

This DOES seem to be an issue for multiple people. I originally posted it in the main help forum ( It seems that mr plow and Python have the exact same problem, reading from this thread.

Please either patch the latest CVS or tell me how to do it myself. :lol-old: