Game joining problem

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Game joining problem

Post by The Purple Panzer » Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:54 pm

(There is a related but sufficiently different topic to this elsewhere in this forum).

On occasion I'll connect to a game, and not be able to start play (with 'i' or right mouse click). I can connect to other servers and play, but certain ones I can't (and I'm not sure if this changes over time). The symptom is that I just sit there, as if I hadn't right mouse clicked or typed 'i'.

On one local server that I control I had this problem too, and discovered it when I was playing with .conf parameters, particularly the number of flags. Reducing this number allowed me to join - no other changes were necessary. (The number was initially quite high, perhaps 600 or so, on a very large map). So perhaps there is some allocation limit in the client that just won't let me grab what I need to have to really play.

(I'm on Windows, 2.0.5b, but I've seen this problem off and on over the years on multiple versions.)

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