Odd problem, maybe map related.

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Odd problem, maybe map related.

Post by glipnir » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:27 pm

I have been playing around with some experimental maps on my mini-lan at home.bothe the client box and the server box are running Linux- Debian Etch with the versions of BZFlag supplied with Etch. The server in on an old 400MHz box, but the client is on a 2GHz Celeron system. The computers are connected through 100BaseT ethernet.
Whenever I define a box at 0 0 (regardless of height width or altitude, the frame rate drops horribley when the client tank is facing the center of the map, and gets worse as the tank nears the center. If the tank turns away, the frame rate increase back to normal. It doesn't do this if no box is defined at 0 0.
Has anyone here seen this, and if so what is the fix for it.

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hm, hard to say

Post by learner » Fri Jun 08, 2007 5:09 am

I've never heard of this happening nor seen it occur. If you're creating a regular "box" box, I can't imagine what would cause it. If you're feeding in your own mesh box, then maybe something is wrong in your mesh that is making your graphics card unhappy. Try having a game client from the same and different platforms join the map and see if they see the same issue. Could be some obscure scene graph bug, but it's hard to say without more information or seeing it in action.


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