Making .bzw play animations

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Making .bzw play animations

Post by Jefenry »

Here's how I do it:
1. Make a new folder to keep all the frames in.
2. Open a file in Quicktime.
3. File -> Export
4. Choose Movie to Image Sequence
5. Options -> Make sure "insert space before number" is unchecked and it saves as .png
6. Save (Make sure there's no spaces in the name)
7. Put the exported images into an album on some image hosting site.*
8. Open in a text editor
9. Change the path on line 7 to wherever you want the map file to end up.
10. Run in Terminal.

"Path to textures:" is the link to the album you made.
"Texture Prefix:" is what you saved the image sequence as.
"Final Group Name:" is the name of the group the script makes.

The script works perfectly for animations less than 10 frames, but after that QuickTime adds 0's to the filename - picture02.png. You need to either get rid of the preceding 0's in the filename, or add a 0 in the texture path of the generated map.

This script isn't foolproof, there are a few bugs I can't figure out how to get rid of. With my perl knowledge, it's a minor miracle that it can do what it does right now.


* If you do that, make sure you have 'allow *' in DownloadAccess.txt.
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