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Blender BZW Export Plugin

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:13 am
by TD-Linux
I wrote a plugin for Blender 2.69+ for exporting maps. It is similar to modeltool, but is a bit more convenient.

  • Download the file and save it anywhere.
  • Open up Blender, and choose File > User Preferences.
  • Choose Addons > Install from File... and open the file you saved previously.
  • Choose Save User Preferences to load the addon every time you open blender.

Textures work but need to be UV mapped. Any BZFlag builtin texture will work as long as it is named after the file. For textures on, you can set the URL. On the Textures panel, scroll down to Custom Properties and click Add. Then click Edit, and set the property name to bz_url. Set the property value to your URL.


  • Parenting will currently generate an incorrect transform.
  • Non-manifold objects will have problems with physics. Ctrl-alt-shift-M will find nonmanifold vertices in a mesh.
  • Flat surfaces will display "sealed" sometimes due to precision errors. Try applying rotation & scale via Ctrl-A to any objects that exhibit this problem. BZFlag requires drivable surfaces to be *exactly* flat, to the single bit.

0.3 - Fix exporting without UV maps, again.
0.2 - Fix exporting files without UV maps. Export only active texture slots. Don't export non-image textures. Round vertices to 5 decimal places, and spin angles to 3 decimal places.
0.1 - Initial release.


Always latest version (right click, save as) ...

Re: Blender BZW Export Plugin

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:12 am
by blast
Since the linked file lacks any reference to what license it is released under: ... er/LICENSE