Back at it

General talk about the map making process.
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Back at it

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I will be semi-active in game. But one thing I am finding to do between work, wife, kids, and other hobbies is map making.
Hoping to get back at the grind and produce some new content. :book:
I know the game is lower numbers, but who doesn't like something new now and then!?

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Re: Back at it

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Think small, default size or smaller, a big map is never going to make it with low player counts.
If it's fun 2on2, then those four players will stick around long enough to attract more players.
Keep the action fast, compressed. One trick is to zone all spawns so that none happen at the outer edges. Maybe tankSpeed 30 or 35.
Choke points are good, but only if well engineered, especially on CTF. Force them into a danger zone.

I mostly get requests for something in the vein of OVERLORD. A very worthy goal.
Take a look at my Defender game mode concept.

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