Unicode support (UI)

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Alexander LAW
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Unicode support (UI)

Post by Alexander LAW » Fri May 02, 2008 2:50 pm

I've got familiar with the game and i like it. Thanks for good job.
But I'd like to see it in Russian. Have you any plans to add unicode support (at least in UI). I found that in 2.0.x version you used .png as set of glyphs. But future version 3.0 will support ttf, so it eases the task. I looked into the latest code and found that ftgl class FTFont have two methods Render (ANSI and Unicode). I also found that you call this class in your code in /src/3D/FontManager.cxx (and you call ANSI-version).
Is there any chances to change FontManager::drawString to support unicode strings? I do understand that there are many "char" strings out of this code, but maybe it's possible to store all strings in UTF-8 (it will allow to preserve l10n files format) and to convert them into UTF-16 inside this method and then call wide-char version on FTFont->Render and FTFont->Advance.
Maybe there is more simple way to do that, I dont see it now.
If you want, I can help with this as coder or tester.
Thanks and best regards,

Private First Class
Private First Class
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Post by catay » Fri May 02, 2008 11:19 pm

Feel free to join the bzflag developer channel (#bzflag) on the
freenode irc network. You can discuss your proposal there with
developers that are familiar with that part of the code.
You can also submit a patch for it at the sourceforge tracker if you
want to code it up. But it's probably better to check first with the devs.

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