MoFoBoT IRC client for monitoring BZFlag servers

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temporal distraction
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MoFoBoT IRC client for monitoring BZFlag servers

Post by temporal distraction »

MoFoBoT is an IRC bot that watches the BZFlag log from your server and will report to your IRC channel when players or your admins do certain actions. It is written in C++ and intended to run on linux systems. It might be possible to run on other OSes, if you get it to work let me know, please.

MoFoBoT source is released under the LGPL, same license as the cpIRC library it is based upon, as well as the BZFlag game.

Obviously there is a quite limited set of folks that can use this bot. :)
Please don't bring this bot into IRC channels without getting permission from the owner of that channel.

The default rules respond to these commands

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/poll ban
additional rules can be added to the "rules" file - in RegEx format.

MoFoBoT will report back to the channel the log line that matches each rule.

You will need to register the name of the bot with your IRC network before running.

Thanks very much to Murielle for coding this. I very much appreciate the work put into it.
MoFoBoT sources
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Re: MoFoBoT IRC client for monitoring BZFlag servers

Post by Strakowski »

Simply wonderful :D. Great way to scan for admin abuse without signing on. Is there any way it could let you know if a vote is successful? I don't think anything actually sends "/kick" when it happens.
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Re: MoFoBoT IRC client for monitoring BZFlag servers

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When a player is removed from a poll, it will show up in the log. It will show either '/poll kick' or '/poll ban'.
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