flags as attributes notes

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flags as attributes notes

Post by JeffM »

These are just my notes on what it would take to change the current superflag system into something attribute based.

It would allow for server side customisation of what flags do.
allow the server to define a set of initial attributes
allow the map to have attributes assigned to zones.
and much more.

Convert identify to a server message where the client just asks the server every N seconds what is the nearest flag.
Then the clients don't need to know what each flag is until pickup... ever.
Who cares if it has a little lag to it, it should be minimal.

Turn flags into objects that impart attributes.
Make team flags be there own type of object, not tied to super flags, but have them be able to impart attributes as well.
Make the tank have an attribute stack that is checked

inherent attributes
pickup attributes ( from the current superflag or teamflag, or whatever )
temporary attributes
zone attributes

in that order

attributes needed to emulate current flags

normal shot
guided shot
lazer shot
thief shot

genocide effect
super effect
rico effect
invisible shot effect

faster reload
slower reload
shortened range
increased range
loose trigger

air controll
air jump
object passthru ( OO )
high speed
low speed
high acceleration
fast turn
add health

left turn
right turn
reversed blind
no radar
color blind

team cloack

true radar
true sight

nearest flag
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