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P3 CVS nightlys. Interested?

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:29 pm
by huw
Now that I have solved my compile problems I was considering uploading P3 optimised CVS nightlys (Windows, v2_branch) to rapidshare.

This would give you the latest 2.0.x branch without having to wait for the 2.0.5 betas.

It should also give you better performance as it is Pentium 3 optimised.

[s]Anyone interested?[/s]

See the latest post in this topic for the latest rapidshare build

Re: P3 CVS nightlys. Interested?

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:29 pm
by Tropican8
huwnet wrote:Anyone interested?
I would be depending on what compiler you use. If its ICL I would be very interested.

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 10:40 pm
by huw
I am using VS2005 (VC8).

Microsoft compilers are the only ones compatible with the directx SDK :(.

For anyone interested here is the 23-2-06 CVS with my own Innosetup script.

Please report any errors you find.


Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 6:44 pm
by huw
Updated build 260206 released. I have updated the installer to include bzadmin.

This updated build contains only a spawn update which I think is bzfs only. It may (or may not) be related to my recent spawn thread.

bzfs will not work as there are problems using the version compiled with VC8. I have posted about this here.

There also appear to be problems with "/flag give" when on buildings.

The build is available from rapidshare. If you are having problems downloading from rapidshare post here and I can upload it to a different download site.

Download build 260206

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 5:26 pm
by huw
New build. Errors in the above post still exist.

Download 060306 (Rapidshare)

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:33 pm
by huw
New build. BZFS now works as the problem has been resolved.

If anyone would prefer a megaupload link because you are having problems with rapidshare please ask ;)


Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:05 pm
by huw
210306 CVS update looks like quite a few changes.

This build should be in line or newer than the 2.0.5b6 release.


Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:51 pm
by huw
New update. This update is equal + to 2.0.75b7

The installer also uses the new offical bzflag graphics. Note that my next installer should be an offical NSIS installer


It is not recommended that you download this build as it contains severe errors