Weird Bullets

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Weird Bullets

Post by Zehra » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:53 pm

Before anyone asks, I'll say this was done with the help of a plug-in.(Modified one.)
Kind of interesting to watch a whole bunch of bullets which can't expire float in mid air without any movement.
I did hit the upper limit and watched as some bullets "disappeared" as the world weapon limit was reached. =P
(That's something which isn't seen every day.)
bullets 1.png
(170.15 KiB) Not downloaded yet
bullets 2.png
more bullets
(181.25 KiB) Not downloaded yet
bullets 3.png
bullets in mid air
(166.92 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Perhaps I'll do something more with this, but it is pretty funny seeing tons of bullets floating in mid air doing nothing.

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