A post in memory of Alice D

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A post in memory of Alice D

Post by Cruel dog » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:25 am

Hey all, I was browsing my thousands of screenies, when I fell on this.. A screenshot when Alice D (AKA Happy alice) was still among us.

For everyone that knew her, I decided to post it, so we can remember how good ans nice she was. She was a good friend of mine and of alot of people here.
Feel free to drop a little comment on how much you miss her. For those who don't remember, she left this world to join the angels on April 2nd 2009.
She died of a terrible disease called Cystic Fibrosis. To give you an idea what it is if you don't know, we breathe automatically, but they think only about breathing.
She loved to play on 2 tanks, her favorite map. She was among the best players there. She will always remain in our hearts.

:rip: :rip: :rip: :rip: :rip: RIP Alice D. :rip: :rip: :rip: :rip: :rip:
Sorry, had to convert in JPG because original PNG was too big (2MB) so the quality dropped.
(696.2 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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