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Your Perfect FFA

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:24 pm
by mahem1
So lets put this up for discussion.
What would your perfect Free-For-All map be like? If you were a great map maker, with unlimited creativity and skill, and you were making an FAA what type of map would you create?? Or if you took an existing map and tweaked it to meet your bzflag playing desires, how would you change it?
Would it be a big or small map. Would objects on that map be clustered together with alot of open space or evenly distributed? Simple objects, complex buildings or pretty meshes? Symmetric, and completely random? What server variable would it have, 5 shots? Jumping? Ricochet? Superflags? Teams or all rogue? Geno?
What other maps are similar to your dream and what changes would they need? What two maps would you combine to make a doubly epic map?
Be as detailed as you want to be!! (Although if your responses becomes over 100 lines long you might want to put it on pastebin or something and give us a link :wink: )
But don't be afraid to only post 2 lines.

I wanted to get EVERYONE'S opinion, so if you are reading this and don't reply..... Instead spread the word, get your friends to reply too!! Don't disappoint me!
Also, lets please try to keep this topic on topic. Topics are cheap, so start a new one if you want to talk about something other than your perfect FFA.

Re: Your Perfect FFA

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:48 pm
by Tanx
1. playability is first, nothing else matters besides this
2. 400x400 is ideal, I used to make 500x500, but in bzflag today that doesn't exactly work
3. clustered and open, sections that are more crowded then others, but also open spaces to fight in.
4. playability is key, then looks, looks for a handeditor is more difficult to achieve.
jumping, ricochet, superflags (no bad flags really), as for ctf or ffa it varies, symmetrical for ctf at least in rotation of 180, no symmetry if ffa. combination maps don't usually work too well, simple maps can be the best, some of my most successful maps don't have meshes greater then 12 vertices. But some had objects with a large amount and were successful (255 vertices, these were for decorative though)
usually 4-5 shots. variables for certain things changed as well, greater wings jump count, 2-3, burrowAngularAd is a little more then one, but burrowSpeedAd is around 0.9-0.95.
no mirrors ever. the first bit of advise I got was that. Also its a good idea to ask another mappers opinion of a map before releasing it, the one map I did this with was Tank galore, which was one of my favorite to create. After awhile of sole handediting you begin to subconsciously see the ricochets, and a feel where objects should be placed. And always test your map, you may be great at finding bugs, but even then you tend to miss a lot, (unfortunately this comes from my own experience).

Re: Your Perfect FFA

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:17 pm
by Zverina
I would create a Map people like:

Fast Killing
10+ Shots
High Tank speed & Shot Speed
Fancy Boxes (Mesh) and/or Sky, Mirror, etc.
Cool Name

That is it!

Have fun!