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Learn to jump like a champ!

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:21 pm
by Foooey
Its time to level the playing field, come join @ PlanetMofo port 4204 Friday 10th July @ 19:00 GMT

Where I'll take you through the zen like process, learn about mindfulness and become one with your mouse and make that jump from red to green pad.

Develop your skills, become the Game Changer!

Before you joining me, I highly recommend that you spend some learning the Vedic Meditation technique, here you'll find a great primer on the subject:

The meditation technique has improved my game measurably and without the cosmic energy released with this technique the power mind, body, intelect and jumping ability's would be severely limited.

So come join me @ PlanetMofo port 4204 Friday 10th July @ 19:00 GMT

Be great to see you all