Time Zone and Preparations for Events

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Time Zone and Preparations for Events

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Hello guys and gals,

Within this thread I would like to perform a smaller survey. Participation would be very appreciated.

So, what is this all about. As we are probably all aware, bzflag is not really the most active game out there. And while we can persuade visions on how to change that (which is what we are also doing), we should not bash aside the current situation and make nothing out of it. Hence I am asking you to act rationally and step together to get the most out of it. This is more of a kind request than anything else, since bzflag has pretty much been the first game I have played on a computer and I would love to throw myself into it again, experiencing different gameplay from different maps.

I have hinted about stepping together. Basically, I would like to organize weekly (the intervals are up to change) events in which we would come together, hang out and all participate in this wonderful game. More specifically, we would give life to some long-forgotten maps. I think we can agree that they deserve some love. Anyone recalls LaserMania? How about Pillbox? Yeah, we'll try to cover all of those.

Therefore, I need everyone reading this and still being tied to this game to cooperate. I would require the following info from you:

Which time zone do you live in?
At what point do you believe you could spend some time to visit the maps on which these events would be held? (if you are writing in your own time, please translate the time into the GMT as well - example: CST is GMT -7)
Are there any maps that were your favorite to play on in the past and are now inactive / are there any specific maps you would like the events to be held on?

Three questions. They all require shorter answers than their own length, really. Unless you would like to add something, in which case, feel free to (:

This would pretty much conclude this. If this thread turns out to receive a fair amount of activity and interest, I will be more than glad to open a thread containing info for the first event. All details will be based off the preferences of the majority that post on here.

Until next time, remember: if one more player joins, the overall quantity of players active might only increase by one, but the fun level rises exponentially.

Thank you very much, I hope to see you around!
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