Commemorative Event

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Commemorative Event

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Hello everyone,

As you may recall, Troy passed away a year ago on Nov 14.
T-roy's birthday is this coming Sunday, Dec 10th and he would have been 45.

Remembering Those Passed

Date: Dec 10
Time: 2pm edt, London 19 UTC/GMT, Paris 20 CET, Germany 20 CET.
Where: Troy Community Server port 5173
We'll play on all the maps that he was fond of: MW2, ducati, hix, and much more.

Come join the fun as we remember T-roy and those who have passed on from life on bz: Alice D, Cam, DenverD, Didi, Murielle, Nidhogger, Papi, and Surftank....listed alphabetically.
These each were special in their own right and contributed to bzflag by playing, coding, hosting.
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