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Quick key usage

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:29 pm
by Zehra
Hi all,

There is a feature in BZFlag known as quick keys.
Quick keys send messages to either public or team chat.
They can also be used for issuing commands, which makes them really useful in some cases.
I've used them for various tasks and here's a bit of some ideas on what they might prove useful to you.

Voting (You can have "/Vote Yes" and "/Vote No" in quick keys for easy voting.)
Mines (Normally you can't change radar zoom and have an instant ready to drop mine, but by using /mine in quick keys, it is easy.)
Configuration changes (This is an easy way to change settings to something you wish rather quickly, but is fixed and limited.)
Plug-in commands (For plug-ins with static commands, this is usually an easy way to enter them in.)
Server operation (If you're a server owner and need to restart or shutdown a server the /shutdownserver command can be quick keyed.)
Lag and idlestats (An easy way to know how much the lag is from you and other players and to see if anyone has gone away from keyboard.)

Just something I thought I'd share.
Please share your thoughts and things on what you use quick keys for as well.