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best things about worlds

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:20 am
by Ratatosk
what do you think makes a world better? Personaly i think 1on 1s rock :wink:

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:39 am
by meeba
I really like a unique challenge. Like a labyrinth map, with radar disabled. It's fun with lots of people, always people popping up around the corner.

I have a map like that on my server, going to make more.

Other maps that I like are ones that encourage lots of team play. Boxy isn't my favorite because there's too much score whoring there.

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:47 pm
by khazhyk
I have an idea for a map where you had no shots and SR flags, and that was the only way to kill someone. It was a football based map. It didn't really work. :|

On Topic:
I prefer team play encouraging maps, like CTF. Leagues are the only place where CTF is played CTF, not FFA. <== Very sad :( :( :( :cry:

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 12:48 am
by Triumph of the Soul
Symmetrically divided CTF fields really make the game addicting. A good example of one of these fields is Boxy is fun but it is essentially not a CTF field. It is a laser sniping field with the team element thrown into the mix. Having a @&$% wall run across the middle of Boxy would completely destroy what it is.

--A Distraction

P.S. @&$%=TALL, which is filtered at viper and I don't know why. A good set of rules and strong body of administrators to enforce the rules also improve the server in general.

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 10:13 am
by MrsSmith
but in a labirint without radar we (I) will die in some seconds..A CTF map where all tanks are cl? we would see the teamflags fly in air while it's going to the other base :)

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:22 pm
by A Looney Kumquat
I lhate places were a sertain kind of flag is in one place
but what I like is a good server with not very many ppl allowed and lots of obsticles and teleporters and speaking of which- it has probably already been done, but what about teleporters that are random- it would add a lot to games, so that you just can' tshoot a bullet through to see were it goes- the teleporter changes every few seconds.

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:25 am
by The Vet
1. Not too big and complex, easy to navigate - Badgerking's
2. Enough obstacles to make shootouts interesting, but not so crowded as to make it hard to drive. - Spiralzone
3. Well balanced design for the super-flags, teams and combat. - I need to think on this one...
4. Novel, creative design - Louman's desktop :wink:
5. Design that challenges you to make options and have coherent teamwork, not just the same process over and over in a wild melee. - 2nd version of Boxy