Help in playing

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Help in playing

Post by poops »

Can somebody please direct me to information on playing this game i.e lock on when using missiles and how to cloak etc.

Cannot find relevant info!

Many thanks for your help - great game!!!
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Re: Help in playing

Post by z[h]ero »

GM lock on:
First a tank needs to be inside the rectangle in the middle of your screen. Then u do:
Mouse-users: right mouse button
Keyboard-users: i
how to cloak
Don't know if i understand your question-intension correctly:
If you have the cloak-flag, then your tank is invisible for your opponents, except on their radar. So it's more difficult to hit you.
And Laser can't hit cloak!

Informations about flags:
(But much informations still miss there or are even wrong...and i need to admit that i.e. the description there about GM and CL isn't complete and isn't optimal for noobs. I personally wouldn't even understand the term "out-the-window", if i wouldn't know already Cloak)

Many other helpful pages:
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