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New and Improved Map Survey!

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:06 pm
by Bountty_Hunter
Alright, from mrapple's suggestion of making a more in depth survey with more options and few responses, I have done it. From the free account using Polldaddy I have created a much more in depth survey. It includes 9 questions based around maps and game modes of bzflag. It also includes the option to submit your own question for the next survey (yes, 9 questions is not enough for a complete survey) and/or to get results sent to you before seen by others!

I welcome and strongly recommend that all fill out this short and simple survey. I did it myself and it only took me 5 or less minutes. Take the time and fill out the survey. This may just help improve your gaming experience and have more maps that you love!

When the results are complete, I will post them up here for everyone to see and use.

Take the survey now! Go to:

Note: Where it says "Please help us understand why you chose this answer" is just a place for comments. This is optional.

Re: New and Improved Map Survey!

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:06 pm
by mrapple
Nice work. Make sure to post the results here when a good number of people take it. Definitely interested to see what others say.

Re: New and Improved Map Survey!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:52 pm
by Bountty_Hunter
20 Responses are in! HERE ARE THE RESULTS:

Question 1: What type of game mode do you prefer?

Winner: CTF (Capture-the-Flag) 13 out of 20; 65%
Second Place: Obstacle/Maze and OFFA (Open Free-for-All) 2 out of 20; 10%
Third Place: TFFA (Team Free-for-All) 1 out of 20; 5%
Other Responses: "all, except OFFA, most I like CTF and obstacles", "Dodging / Objective maps"

Question 2: What type of team-based games do you prefer?

Winner: 2 Teams 16 out of 20; 80%
Second Place: 5 Teams (includes rogue) 2 out of 20; 10%
Third Place: 4 Teams and 3 Teams 1 out of 20; 5%

Question 3: What types of maps do you prefer?

Winner: Cluttered with objects, many places to go 9 out of 20; 45%
Second Place: Open and very few objects 3 out of 20; 15%
Third Place: Hidden, many places to hide (usually dark and radar is disabled) and Camping and sniping, many places to camp or snipe 2 out of 20; 10%
Other Responses: "Maps with lots of objects but you still have space", "in between open and cluttered", "Nor too many objects (very cluttered) neither very fews.", "I like most maps"

Question 4: What map options do you prefer?

Winner: Public (Everyone allowed to join) 17 out of 20; 56.67%
Second Place: Friendly Fire (No punishment for team-killing) 6 out of 20; 20%
Third Place: Any language allowed (No filter, cussing etc is allowed) 2 out of 20; 6.67%

Question 5: How many total players do you prefer?

Winner: 11-16 8 out of 20; 40%
Second Place: 6-10 6 out of 20; 30%
Third Place: 17-21 3 out of 20; 15%

Question 6: What types of flags do you prefer in a map?

Winner: Good flags only (Super flags only) 14 out of 20; 70%
Second Place: No Flags 4 out of 20; 20%
Third Place: Both Good flags and Bad flags 2 out of 20; 10%

Question 7: What type of super flags do you prefer?

Winners: Narrow, Stealth and Wings 13 out of 20; 6.19%
Second Place: Laser and Guided Missile 12 out of 20; 5.71%
Third Place: Shock Wave 11 out of 20; 5.24%

Question 8: What type of bad flags do you prefer?

Winner: Wide Angle 11 out of 20; 23.4%
Second Place: No Jumping 6 out of 20; 12.77%
Third Place: Momentum and Obesity 5 out of 20; 10.64%

Question 9: What type of shots do you prefer?

Winner: Ricochet 19 out of 19; 52.78%
Second Place: Shot Velocity 8 out of 19; 22.22%
Third Place: Fast (faster than regular speed) 6 out of 19; 16.67%
Other Responses: "Normal, regular shots, no shot velocity, normal shot speed and ricochet"

Interesting, eh? Go ahead and review them, use them and do whatever you want with these results! Thanks for taking the survey!

The second survey is coming soon enough. If you would like to sumbit a question please respond to this message or contact me on bzflag forums, I am Bountty_Hunter

Re: New and Improved Map Survey!

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:00 am
by Ragnarok
Rofl. All of my reasons were this:

Re: New and Improved Map Survey!

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:40 pm
by Bountty_Hunter
Yea, apparently people thought the reasons were mandatory. They are completely optional. It does help us understand, but for the most part..its just optional comments.