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1v1 Flagged FFA Courtesy

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:11 pm
by tainn
There currently exist unwritten 1 versus 1 rules or guidelines on flagged free-for-all (FFA) maps. Since they are rather known among active veterans but seemingly not among newer players, this post serves as a bit of an introduction to them.

There are primarily two types of rules of general courtesy that apply:

Type 1: Stealth+ Clause
A player must not utilize the Stealth (ST) flag, or any other flag that is exceedingly dominant on that specific map. If a player grabs ST, it must be dropped immediately. Other flags depend on the map that is being played, but usually, the second disallowed flag is Wings (WG) on a map that doesn't specialize into it and has a high WG flap count.

Type 2: Drop Clause
A player must drop the flag they were holding after killing the other player, and attempt to make the next successful kill with a different flag. In other words, it is one flag, one kill.

Ideally, both of these types should apply simultaneously, but that again depends on the type of the map. Type 1 cannot apply if there are no ST and/or dominant flags on the map, while type 2 cannot apply if the amount of different types of flags on the map is really low. But that usually isn't the case; FFA maps tend to host a variety of flags, including ST and the rest being of different superiority.

The next time you go 1v1 against someone on flagged FFA maps, try to apply these rules if you aren't doing so already; it makes the game more exciting and fair!

Re: 1v1 Flagged FFA Courtesy

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:27 pm
by kierra
IMNSHO, even on a ctf map like apocalypse, it is poor sportsmanship to sit with gm or laser when there are only 2 players.

Re: 1v1 Flagged FFA Courtesy

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:53 pm
by Zehra
It would not take much for server owners to add a quick server message:

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-srvmsg "In one vs one, drop the most powerful flags by default,"
-srvmsg "and drop the flags upon each successful kill.
Or rather get server owners to load up the oneOnOneRules plug-in.

Quite possibly, if that is not enough, fair play can be encouraged in game, sometimes in creative forms with a motto.
Additionally the forums tend to be unread by most and it's generally unlikely for one to gain a response.