Venting some Genocide frustration

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Re: The greenhorn asks...

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yosefk wrote:What is geno and what is the flag notation? :?:
"Geno" is shorthand for the Genocide Flag. It is simply "G" on the scoreboard display.

If you have the geno flag, then when you hit someone, everyone on that team dies. A pretty neat thing when you hit an enemy tank... and really a bummer when you accidently hit a friendly one. ;)
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Post by dartman »

^A little late there. ;)
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Post by headhouse »


I don't personally think GM is any harder with the new walls than before. It's a little trickier, yes, but that's more than compensated for by the way a determined GMer (I'm lookin' at you, GMMan) can now perch on the top of a wall in (relative) safety.

Love the transparency, by the way. Gotten more than a few STs (using OO) thanks to that.
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Post by TD-Linux »

If you haven't noticed the difference yet, the center walls are now a slightly different shape, and lower,
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staying away from geno

Post by Bisque »

I suppose I have been guilty of saying something like
"Stay away from the Geno!"
I will clarify that in the future. Maybe saying don't jump up and down in
Geno carrier's face. So many ways to take out genoers from a distance.
And much easier to dodge that slowball geno from distance. As a frequent
geno launcher, I'll also say I don't want to waste my shot on a long
distance moving target. I want a stationary sniper who isn't thinking about
me. I see a lot of geno users (abusers?) sitting in middle and waiting for
folks to come in. I'm just not good enough to pull that off well. Some
funny bounces in there and I'm too likely to smack myself in the face with geno.

I used to love taking out the geno bearers with GM but, as mentioned, this
is much harder now. If the other team has geno carriers my primary goal
becomes hunting them down before my allies jump in their way.

ps. If you can get in face and take out geno carrier, more power to ya.

Big Bams for all,
I think the biggest problem with Boxy is the rampant tkers and flagthieves.
As soon as admin isn't apparent they go nuts. Would be nice to have
some autokick feature for bad behavior. They will always find a way
around rules, but it would be nice to make it less easy for them. It
absolutely is an "in your face map", maybe that is frustrating for people.
They get discouraged and resort to tking. For me it's the best cause of:
low lag (I'm close), large number of people, and team aspect.
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Re: Venting some Genocide frustration

Post by acidrain »

Sky King wrote:My comments are mostly directed at Boxy, but this really applies anywhere that a CTF game has a geno flag...

I'm a pretty "situational awareness" player most of the time, and I rarely get hit by a geno but it does happen. And when it does, there's always... ALWAYS... someone who says "C'mon guys, just stay away from geno"...

I really want to counter this from a tactical perspective, and explain why this is horrible advice and a losing proposition.
  • 1. Avoiding geno is often impossible. A good geno player (and most of the people that go after geno are pretty experienced) knows just where to go to get kind of "lost" in a crowd. I try to put the geno carrier on hunt if I can, but sometimes it's just too hard to find the time. If a player is any good with geno at all, they won't let you just avoid them, period.

    2. Running away from geno will not make it go away. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to pay the price of taking him (or HER!) out. Just saying "stay away from him" sounds really great when you're typing it... but how, exactly, will he be killed if everyone does as you suggest and just runs away? He's not going away until you make him go away. He's not going to quit or self destruct just because he's tired of everyone running away.

    3. Related to point 2: If you just run away and don't challenge him, then he is now free to move to whatever location he feels is most advantageous to him, not to you. If you don't like where he is right now, you sure as heck won't like where he's going to be in a minute or two if you don't go after him. Let him get inside your boxy fort and camp outside your spawn zone... Assume you have 15 on your team (off-topic note: the new boxy limits are too high, I think)... That means if you take on the geno, and get him, but die trying... your team suffers 15 kills, but at least he's gone. If you run away and just let him roam freely and get into your spawn zone, then he is essentially guaranteed not 15, but 60... that's right, count 'em... SIXTY kills, plus whatever additional TKs happen after he's out of geno bullets. And your teammates start leaving out of frustration.

    4. If you're a more experienced player and you run away from geno, then you leave only your least experienced players to kill the geno... and thus you have sentenced yourself to several deaths.
At the risk of sounding a bit direct:

Boxy is an aggressive, small-map, in-your-face skirmish game. You have to have the killer instinct... you have to have that inate desire to want to close with and defeat your enemy, or he'll do it to you. You don't win on Boxy by cowering in your own fort like so many do... You win by putting pressure on your enemy... keeping him defensive, not letting him have time to organize and gain momentum, not letting him monopolize the center, and not letting him get multiple tanks camped inside your fort. if you're not the kind of person who wants to get "all up in your enemy's business", geno or not... then boxy is not for you.

I think that in every way, "c'mon guys, stay away from geno" is a losing proposition. And bluntly put... if you are not a good enough player to help prevent the enemy from getting geno, and not a good enough player to kill him before he gets close-up in our faces... then you're not a good enough player to be giving other players geno advice. Defeating geno is a team effort, and you're either part of it or you're not. Geno's die when you MAKE them die, they stop coming when you MAKE them stop coming, they stop trying to get it when you have so much pressure on them that it MAKES them just focus on survival. Nothing about saying "C'mon guys, stay away from him" makes him go away.
5. Guess what, guys? Bullets move faster than tanks. Period. If he shoots at you while you're running away, you've got a problem. You jump up and dodge it, you'll be landing on his(or her, jeez) bullet.
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Re: another way

Post by gravitydestroyer »

soad freak wrote:well somtimes when im in a tight spot in boxy and i think geno will hit i commit suicide (backspace) to save my team these points are very wierd. I think learn to doge geno and go after the person with geno and get geno ureself. if u dont like gno on boxy dont play boxy. Win Xp make better ponts :lol-old:
i still think that this is the best tactik.
i ve been playing at boxy's for months and i've encountered a lot of professional genoers and i've become one myself. all i got to say is, that if a pro is chasing after a beginner, there is about a ... 0% chance that geno will miss. i bet any good player has a certain "feeling" for when to shoot.
after a month of playing you just know how bullets bounce of walls or where to shoot when someone jumps so you still hit him.
the only real effective countermeasure against geno is still: suicide when you are about to be hit. this waists his geno shots ( sometimes even 2, if lucky all) and saves your team lots of deaths.
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