don't let BZFlag die

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Re: don't let BZFlag die

Post by Cobra_Fast »

Knox wrote:Than tell me, how do you want to promote BZFlag without paying for it? Is there a special free service?
I don't. Probably not. BZFlag should provide advertising material (like banners and buttons for websites) though.
Knox wrote:You know, we 're talking about getting hundred, or thousand people to play BZFlag, not just a few?
BZFlag spreaded fine by telling-friends-propaganda very well in my oppinion and the current ammount of players around is just fine to me. Heck I would quit BZFlag if it was crowded like other multiplayer games (with >1000 servers in their list and quarter of the servers being full with ~40 players each). I really don't want overpopulated BZFlag; Not as a player (More people => tanks stacked on maps & more trolls => less fun) and not as a hoster (More people => more trolls => more work).

Conclusion: If everyone would tell friends about the game and them playing it and recommending it to their friends should do the job just fine. Plus it's free of charge.
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Re: don't let BZFlag die

Post by ducktape »

I guess i dont see the issue here. like everyone has already said, bzflag is constantly fluctuating. tell your friends, if you post the bzflag url in your facebook status update i bet tons of your friends would check it out.
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