BZFlag 2.4.6 "Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight"

News and info about current and upcoming releases of the game client and server.
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BZFlag 2.4.6 "Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight"

Post by allejo » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:11 am

We are pleased to announce the release of BZFlag 2.4.6. Platform binaries and the source code are available for download using the following links:

Windows: ... -2.4.6.exe
Mac OS X: ...
Source Code:

This release consists of a few new features for clients and fixes issues on Windows 10 with AMD drivers.
  • Plug-in documentation has been rewritten and updated to be more user-friendly
  • RogueGenocide plug-in now defaults to ignoring self-kills
  • Fixes to keypad keys when using SDL2; they are now handled correctly
  • Timestamps can now be saved with /savemsg using the '-t' option; e.g. '/savemsg -t'
  • View timestamps of when console messages were sent, can be configured through Options > GUI Settings > Timestamps in console
  • New cycleRadar and cyclePanel key bindings were added
How to use cycleRadar & cyclePanel

The new cycleRadar key binding allows you to specify multiple levels of radar zooms and they will be cycled through with a single key. This option was added to assist gamepad style controllers in changing radar zooms easily.

Code: Select all

bind 6 down "cycleRadar 0.25 off 1 0.5"
The new cyclePanel key binding allows you to cycle through all of the tabs in your console (including turning it off, if desired); added to assist gamepad style controllers to navigate the console.

Code: Select all

bind 7 down "cyclePanel right_off" # cycle to the next tab, then off, then around to the beginning
bind 8 down "cyclePanel left" # cycle to the previous tab, then around to the end
The full Changelog is also available.


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