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BZFlag Beta Build 2.0.5b1

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 10:33 pm
by DTRemenak
Today we have 2.0.5b1.

Windows Installer
(requires DirectX 7+)

All current builds for 2.0.x will always be at

Linux and mac folk can, as always, build from anonymous cvs (unless it's broken); see to download, and read the README for build instructions.

Please report any issues you have with this build, even if you think we already know about them!

Stuff to check out (client):
Fog (see trepan's post in the Screenshots forum for details)
Server list searching
Please test observer mode, parts have been rewritten and it may not behave properly in all circumstances. Likewise, if you don't like current observer-mode behavior for some reason, now is a good time to request changes.

Stuff to check out (server):
/checkip command
Registered/nonauthenticated players marked with (-) even when they have not previously visited the server

Thanks for your feedback.

Fog density setting in .conf file

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:03 am
by LouMan
My issue from previous post is gone, sorry. Anyone know how to delete a post? I can edit, but not delete this one...

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:20 pm
by AlliedArmour
I made a private server and tested various fog functions. All worked well. Tried an observer and it was fine too.

Same old crash came when I tried to play on norang however.